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“Neurophone”-Like Effects For $20

UPDATE: On its own, this may not be enough to ensure a good nights’ sleep, and may have other effects. If you use a Neurophone at the same time as this setup, it may intensify the effects of the Neurophone.

It turns out “earplug-style” (in-ear-monitor) headphones affect the brain in at least some of the ways a real Neurophone does. If you want the freedom of thought that the pink-noise Neurophone brings, an even more effective way of getting it turns out to be the following:

Get some earplug-style headphones. Make sure they produce a good seal. One person used Sennheiser CX150s, which cost $18-30.

Plug them into a pink noise generator. Use a good one! (Like this design: )

And that’s it! If you want to sleep incredibly well, try this at night. A bit of medical tape under the ears will hold the cables in place.

One heads-up: For maximum fidelity of the pink noise signal, it may help to use a headphone amplifier between the headphones and the pink noise generator. This is an easy-to-build design:


One comment on ““Neurophone”-Like Effects For $20

  1. Walter Hauswirth
    September 10, 2014

    HIgh I have 20 Years of Neurophone experience as user and 5 years as Neurophone builder. The pink noise effects are n o t Neurophone like! Pink noise is deep in our conciouseness (Rain, Seawaves etc.) it leads to profound relaxation but not to the total clearing of the nervous system like the Neurophone does. Additionally the Neurophone activates the pineal gland with unlimited possibilities to mankind! The inventor puts more and more some mystical remarks on it, all to forget. I am interested in exchange of information about that tecnology but not in world changins philisophies etc.

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