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One More Idea: Brain Training with RF

Half of the Flanagan “Neurophone” circuitry is devoted to pretending the signal was sent as electromagnetic radiation. The double-differentiator section just mimics what an antenna does.

If you’re looking to “train your brain,” it might be easier to simplify things a little. Instead of using lots of circuitry to pretend an antenna was involved, get a real one in play.

Plug a pink noise generator into a low-power audio amplifier driving a coil of wire on the floor around you. Put a small speaker in series with the wire coil. Total parts cost? Really cheap!

This will create pink noise as both electromagnetic waves and acoustic ones. If my understanding of “Neurophone” operation is correct, this should produce the same effects on the brain. Your brain should see the electromagnetic waves in a very similar way to a pink noise signal from a “Neurophone,” though much more weakly. This means any effects might take weeks or months to appear, instead of days or weeks.

Why bother? The “Neurophone” is supposed to massively boost IQ — and there are rumors on the Internet that it can do even more extraordinary things.



One comment on “One More Idea: Brain Training with RF

  1. Juan Carlos
    October 3, 2013

    I have just built my fisrt tl494neurophone prototype. At the moment I only get a high pitch buzz and very distant sound from the source, I guess I have to tweak it a bit and change the C2 capacitor as you suggested.

    In the meanwhile Im going to try this post idea, run a coil in series with a speaker with a pink noise gen. What kind of coil?. Probably one from a speaker with similar impedance, is isn´t?

    Where would you put the coil, in the head, chest?

    Thank you so much for this blog. Love!

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